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Group  active in the production and selling of frits, inks, enamels and dyes for the ceramics and artistic industry. The products are used to enhance the physical and aesthetic characteristics of the ceramics; through various production processes (casting, granulation, atomization, mixing, etc.) the company transforms raw materials and additives in the finished products. The Group has manufacturing and sales branches in Indonesia, Spain and Mexico.

SECTOR: Ceramics
TURNOVER 2015: eur 46 mln 
BUYOUT DATE: June 2015

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One of the major European groups specialized in the production of injection moulded casual boots (brand Spirale) and professional satefy boots (brand Nora). Their products are mostly sold internationally and the main geographical areas involved are Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Russia, Austria and Great Britain.

SECTOR: Footwear manufacturer
TURNOVER 2015: eur 15 mln 
BUYOUT DATE: February 2012

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Leader in production of equipment for heating, conditioning and industrial heat processes. In particular, the company is specialized in valves, actuators and controllers for the HVAC HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) industry.

SECTOR: HVAC and energy conservation
TURNOVER 2015: eur 14 mln 
BUYOUT DATE: August 2011

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